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Chemical and Biological Survey of the Waters of Illinois: Report for Year Ending December 31, 1914 Bartow, Edward, 1916  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-12    Full Text Available

Sir: Herewith I submit a report of the work of the State Water Survey, for the year ending December 31, 1914, and request that it be printed as a bulletin of the University of Illinois, State Water Survey Series No. 12.

The report contains an account of the work done by the State Water Survey in accordance with the laws creating the State Water Survey and imposing upon it new and additional duties (Laws of Illinois, 40th General Assembly, 1897, 12; 47th General Assembly, 1911, 43. Bull. State Water Survey Series 9, 7-8). .

Summaries of the chemical, biological, and engineering work are given, together with more complete reports on certain special investigations conducted during the year.

One extensive sanitary survey of drainage basins is reported. This work is of great value to cities that find it necessary to plan methods of sewage disposal. This work, performed in cooperation with the Rivers and Lakes Commission, should be continued to cover all the drainage basins of the State.

Several epidemics of typhoid fever have been investigated and recommendations have been made for the prevention of the spread of the disease.

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