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Public Groundwater Supplies in Wabash County Woller, Dorothy M., and Robert D. Olson, 1984  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-60-31    Full Text Available

This publication presents all available information on production wells used for public groundwater supplies in Wabash County. Bulletin 60, which is divided into separate publications by county, supersedes Bulletin 40 and its Supplements 1 and 2.

This report includes separate descriptions for 5 groundwater supply systems furnishing water to 6 municipalities. These are preceded by brief summaries of the groundwater geology of the county and the development of groundwater sources for public use. An explanation of the format used in the descriptions is also given.

Acknowledgments. This report was prepared under the general direction of Stanley A. Changnon, Jr., Chief of the Illinois State Water Survey, and James P. Gibb, Head of the Groundwater Section. The chemical analyses, unless otherwise stated, were made by personnel of the Water Survey Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Unit under the supervision of James C. Whitney. The analyses made by personnel of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency were under the supervision of Ira M. Markwood. M. L. Sargent and R. D. Brower of the Illinois State Geological Survey reviewed the geological information in the manuscript. Grateful acknowledgment also is given to consulting engineers, well drillers, water superintendents, and municipal officials who have provided valuable information used in this report.

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