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Chemical and Biological Survey of the Waters of Illinois: Report for Year Ending December 31, 1912 Bartow, Edward, 1913  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-10    Full Text Available
EDMUND JANES JAMES, PH.D., LL.D., President University of Illinois.

SIR: Herewith I submit a report of the work of the State Water Survey for the year ending December 31, 1912, and request that it be printed as a bulletin of the University of Illinois, State Water Survey Series No. 10.

The report contains a summary of the work done by the laboratory and engineering divisions in accordance with the laws creating the State Water Survey and imposing upon it new and additional duties. (Laws of Illinois, 40th General Assembly 1897, 12; 47th General Assembly, 1911, 43. Bulletin University of Illinois, State Water Survey Series, 9, 7-8.) The report covers the first full year with the increased appropriation allowed by the 47th General Assembly. The special report by the engineering division shows the additional work accomplished and also confirms our belief that there would be a demand for the services of our engineering division.

Several other organizations whose work is related in some way to the work of the State Water Survey is briefly summarized in the report. There are several articles that describe special experimental work and special investigations.

Many cities have been visited during the year. The purpose of each visit, the observations made, and the recommendations, if any, are given.

Thanks are due to the regular staff for their interest in the work of the Survey and to Dr. L. L. Burgess, Mr. O. Kamm, Mr. H. L. Olin, and Mr. C. H. Spaulding, for assistance rendered in the preparation of special articles. Credit is given in appropriate places for the part each has taken.

Respectfully submitted,

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