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All data files have the 'CSV' extension, designating them as Comma Separated Value text files. Although their default application is Microsoft Excel, they are also viewable in Notepad, Quattro Pro, and other spreadsheet/graphing applications.
About the Discharge Data
These comma-delimited text files contain 3 columns of information. To view all of the Date/Time information in Excel, increase the width of the first column to 15.
Hourly Discharge Data
   The first column contains the date and time in Central Standard Time (CST) for each top of the hour; the second column contains the instantaneous discharge (in cubic feet per second) at that time; the third column will contain an "e" when the discharge values are estimated.
Mean Daily Discharge Data
   The first column contains the date (CST); the second column contains the mean of the 24 hourly discharge readings (in cubic feet per second).
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