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Archived Highlights

Upper Sangamon River Watershed Monitoring Data for the USEPA Targeted Watershed Study: 2005-2008 (pdf ~2.1Mb)

Hydrologic and Nutrient Monitoring of the Lake Decatur Watershed (pdf ~9.8Mb)

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for Evaluating Alternatives for Managed Connection of the Upper and Lower Cache Rivers (pdf ~2.1Mb)

Modeling Effects of FMWRD Discharges During Storm Events on Fox River Water Quality (pdf ~10.4Mb)

Evaluating Drought Vulnerability of Small Community Surface Water Supply Systems in the Midwest (pdf 562k)

Hydrologic Modeling of the Fox River Watershed Using SWAT2000: Model Development, Calibration, and Validation (pdf ~1.5Mb)

Big Rock and Welch Creek Flood Study, Kane County, Illinois (pdf ~7.2Mb)

Database Development to Support Sediment Characterization of the Middle Illinois River (pdf ~2.8Mb)

Fox River Watershed Investigation: Stratton Dam to the Illinois River, Phase II (pdf ~10.4Mb)

Prioritized Water Quality Research Plan for the Illinois State Water Survey  (pdf ~120k)

County-Level Forecasts of Water Use in Illinois: 2005-2025 (SIU) (pdf ~8.9Mb)

Concentrations and Potential Toxicity of Metals and Ammonia in Peoria Lake Sediments and Pore Water (WMRC) (pdf ~3.3Mb)

Hydrologic Modeling of Climate Scenarios for Two Illinois Watersheds - H. Vernon Knapp, Jaswinder Singh, and Karla Andrew, Watershed Science Section, Illinois State Water Survey (470k pdf)

Hydrologic Modeling of the Iroquois River Watershed Using HSPF and SWAT - Jaswinder Singh, H. Vernon Knapp, and Misganaw Demissie, Watershed Science Section, Illinois State Water Survey (290k pdf)

Streamflow Frequency Assessment for Water Resource Evaluation - H. Vernon Knapp and Amy Russell, Watershed Science Section, Illinois State Water Survey (40k pdf)

Hydrologic Model of the Vermilion River Watershed for Streamflow Simulations - Jaswinder Singh, Watershed Science Section, Illinois State Water Survey (170k pdf)

Illinois Streamflow Assessment Model (An online version of the Illinois Streamflow Assessment Model)

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