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1  The Sources, Distribution, and Trends of Chloride in the Waters of Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walton, Samuel Panno, Keith Hackley, 2012 ISWS B-74 

Contract Reports

2  Shallow Groundwater Sampling in Kane County, 2015  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walton, Daniel Hadley, Devin Mannix, 2016 ISWS CR 2016-04 
3  Water Supply Planning: Middle Illinois Progress Report  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walt, Daniel Abrams, Vern Knapp, Scott Meyer, Zhenxing Zhang, Benedykt Dziegielewski, Dan Hadley, George Roadcap, Devin Mannix, Yanqing Lian, 2016 ISWS CR 2016-02 
4  Groundwater Studies for Water Supply Planning in Kendall County, IL  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George S., Scott C. Meyer, Walton R. Kelly, H. Allen Wehrmann, Yu-Feng Lin, 2013 ISWS CR 2013-05 
5  Identification of Sources of Fecal Pollution of Karst Waters  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Zhang, Y., Kelly, W.R., Panno, S.V., Liu, W.-T., 2013 ISWS CR 2013-02 
6  Development of an Anionic Exchange Glass Fiber Substrate POU Device to Remove Arsenic  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Li, Xuan, Jinwen Wang, James Economy, Walton Kelly, 2009 ISWS CR 2009-02 
7  Fate of Arsenic in the Mahomet Aquifer: The Influence of Added Sulfate and Nitrate  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Sanford, Robert, Theodore Flynn, Thomas Holm, Walton Kelly, 2009 ISWS CR 2009-01 
8  Radium and Barium in the Ironton-Galesville Bedrock Aquifer in Northeastern Illinois : Final Report.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walton R., 2008 ISWS CR 2008-03 
9  Microcosm Study of Arsenic Fate in Mahomet Aquifer Sediment and Groundwater.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Sanford, Robert, Theodore Flynn, Walton Kelly, 2006 ISWS CR 2006-11 
10  Temporal Variability of Arsenic in Municipal Well Water.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Holm, Thomas R., Steven D. Wilson, Walton R. Kelly, 2006 ISWS CR 2006-07 
11  Shallow Groundwater Quality Sampling in Kane County, October 2003.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walton R., 2005 ISWS CR 2005-07 

Informational/Educational Materials

12  Changes in Shallow Groundwater Quality in the Chicago Region in the Past 50 Years.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2008 ISWS IEM 2008-01 

Miscellaneous Publications

13  Groundwater Depletion in Chicago's Southwestern Suburbs  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Mannix, Devin, Daniel Abrams, George Roadcap, Daniel Hadley, Walton Kelly, 2017 ISWS MP-208 
14  Arsenic in Groundwater in the Tolono Region  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walt, Tom Holm, 2011 ISWS MP-196 

Reports of Investigations

15  The 2012 Drought in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, Vernon, James Angel, Jennie Atkins, Luke Bard, Elias Getahun, Kenneth Hlinka, Laura Keefer, Walton Kelly, George Roadcap, 2017 ISWS RI-123 
16  Effects of Various Soil Amendments on Subsurface Water Quality at the ISU Farm  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walt, Panno, Sam, Hackley, Keith, 2015 ISWS RI-121 

Research Reports

17  Impact of Irrigation on the Dynamics of Nitrate Movement in a Shallow Sand Aquifer.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walton R., and Chittaranjan Ray, 1999 ISWS RR-128 

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