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Contract Reports

1  Wastes from Water Treatment Plants: Literature Review, Results of an Illinois Survey, and Effects of Alum Sludge Application to Cropland  Full Text Available
Lin, Shun Dar, and C. David Green, 1987 ISWS CR-429 
2  A Study of Wastes from the Centralia Water Treatment Plant and Their Impact on Crooked Creek  Full Text Available
Lin, Shun Dar, and C. David Green, 1987 ISWS CR-419 

Reports of Investigations

3  Two-year Study of Alum Sludge Application to Corn and Soybean Farmland  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Lin, Shundar, and C. David Green, 1990 ISWS RI-113 NTIS#: PB91-15168

Results 1-3 of 3

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