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1  Water Withdrawals in Illinois, 2011  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hlinka, Kenneth, Steve Wilson, Cassia Smith, Greg Rogers, Karen Bridges, Scott Meyer, George Roadcap, Conor Healy, Tim Bryant, 2014 ISWS C-186 


2  Hydrogeology and Ground-water Availability in Southwest McLean and Southeast Tazewell Counties. Part 2: Aquifer Modeling and Final Report  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Wilson, Steven D., George S. Roadcap, Beverly L. Herzog, David R. Larson, and Derek Winstanley, 1998 ISWS COOP-19 

Contract Reports

3  Water Supply Planning: Middle Illinois Progress Report  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walt, Daniel Abrams, Vern Knapp, Scott Meyer, Zhenxing Zhang, Benedykt Dziegielewski, Dan Hadley, George Roadcap, Devin Mannix, Yanqing Lian, 2016 ISWS CR 2016-02 
4  Changing Groundwater Levels in the Sandstone Aquifers of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin: Impacts on Available Water Supply  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Daniel B. Abrams, Daniel R. Hadley, Devin H. Mannix, George S. Roadcap, Scott C. Meyer, Kenneth J. Hlinka, Kevin Rennels, Kenneth R. Bradbury, Peter M. Chase, Jacob J. Krause, 2015 ISWS CR 2015-02 
5  Groundwater Simulation Modeling and Potentiometric Surface Mapping, McHenry County, IL  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Meyer, S.C., Y-F Lin, D.B. Abrams, G.S. Roadcap, 2013 ISWS CR 2013-06 
6  Groundwater Studies for Water Supply Planning in Kendall County, IL  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George S., Scott C. Meyer, Walton R. Kelly, H. Allen Wehrmann, Yu-Feng Lin, 2013 ISWS CR 2013-05 
7  A Water Well Inventory to Assess Potential Conflicts from Development of a Well Field in Selected Areas of McLean, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties, IL  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Wilson, Steve, Kevin Rennels, George Roadcap, 2013 ISWS CR 2013-03 
8  Water Supply Assessment for Kaskaskia River Watershed Development: Phase 1 Technical Report  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, H.V., G.S. Roadcap, E.G, Bekele, H.A. Wehrmann, W.E. Gillespie, J.S. Hecht, F.J. Pisani, 2012 ISWS CR 2012-01 
9  Meeting East-Central Illinois Water Needs to 2050: Potential Impacts on the Mahomet Aquifer and Surface Reservoirs  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George, H. Vernon Knapp, H. Allen Wehrmann, David R. Larson, 2011 ISWS CR 2011-08 
10  Kane County Water Resources Investigations: Simulation of Groundwater Flow in Kane County and Northeastern Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Meyer, Scott C., George S. Roadcap, Yu-Feng Lin, Douglas D. Walker, 2009 ISWS CR 2009-07 
11  The Impact of Emergency Pumpage at the Decatur Wellfields on the Mahomet Aquifer: Model Review and Recommendations  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George S., and Steven D. Wilson, 2001 ISWS CR 2001-11 
12  An Assessment of the Hydrology and Water Quality of Indian Ridge Marsh and the Potential Effects of Wetland Rehabilitation on the Diversity of Wetland Plant Communities  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George S., M.B. Wentzel, Shun D. Lin, E.E. Herricks, Raman K. Raman, Randall A. Locke, and David L. Hullinger, 1999 ISWS CR-654 
13  Delineation of Time-related Recharge Areas for the City of Shelbyville Well Fields  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Anliker, Mark A., and George S. Roadcap, 1997 ISWS CR-611 
14  Diagnostic-feasibility Study of Lake George, Lake County, Indiana  Full Text Available
Raman, Raman K., Shun Dar Lin, David L. Hullinger, William C. Bogner, James A. Slowikowski, and George S. Roadcap, 1996 ISWS CR-606 
15  Diagnostic-feasibility Study of Wolf Lake, Cook County, Illinois, and Lake County, Indiana  Full Text Available
Lin, Shun Dar, Raman K. Raman, William C. Bogner, James A. Slowikowski, George S. Roadcap, and David L. Hullinger, 1996 ISWS CR-604 

Miscellaneous Publications

16  Groundwater Depletion in Chicago's Southwestern Suburbs  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Mannix, Devin, Daniel Abrams, George Roadcap, Daniel Hadley, Walton Kelly, 2017 ISWS MP-208 

Reports of Investigations

17  The 2012 Drought in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, Vernon, James Angel, Jennie Atkins, Luke Bard, Elias Getahun, Kenneth Hlinka, Laura Keefer, Walton Kelly, George Roadcap, 2017 ISWS RI-123 

Research Reports

18  Meeting the Growing Demand for Water: an Evaluation of the Shallow Ground-water Resources in Will and Southern Cook Counties, Illinois  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George S., Stuart J. Cravens, and Edward C. Smith, 1993 ISWS RR-123 NTIS#: PB94-125820

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