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Temporal Variability of Arsenic in Municipal Well Water. Holm, Thomas R., Steven D. Wilson, Walton R. Kelly, 2006  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS CR 2006-07    Full Text Available
Short-term variations in groundwater arsenic (As) concentrations were characterized at four water treatment plants in Illinois and one in Indiana. At each plant, water samples were collected at 45-minute intervals over a six-hour period. Concentrations of As remained steady during the entire test at three facilities. At one facility, the As concentration increased from 58 μg/L in the first sample to 82 μg/L after 2.5 hours. At another facility the As concentration increased from 48 μg/L in the first sample to 68-70 μg/L in all subsequent samples. Variations in As over several years four of these facilities were characterized using data from the Water Survey’s groundwater-quality database. The long-term As variations were unique at each facility. For example, at one facility, the minimum and maximum As concentrations were 20 μg/L and 120 μg/L, a factor of 6. At another facility, the range in As was relatively narrow, with minimum and maximum As concentrations of 34 μg/L and 46 μg/L.

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