Biogeochemical Cycles
  Spheres of B. Cycles
  Nitrogen Properties
  Simple Nitrogen Cycle
  Human Influences
  Spheres of the N Cycle
  Choose a Sphere


The Illinois State Water Survey has prepared this web site in partial fulfillment of requirements of C-FAR project 00Si-040-5A-MBL. The materials are intended to provide for a wide range of interested persons information about nitrogen cycling in the form of conceptual models. We start with fairly simple concepts on biogeochemical cycling and work towards more detailed descriptions of nitrogen cycling. These materials will provide a framework for the subsequent development of improved physically-based mathematical models of nitrogen dynamics and nitrogen mass-balance studies in Illinois watersheds. We hope that the materials will also be an educational tool.

We invite you to review the materials and provide your feedback on presentation and contents to nitromass@sws.uiuc.edu. Your specific recommendations for improvement will be considered carefully and appreciated.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Coming Soon: Future plans include PDF versions of each section. This may improve print performance on come computers. The PDF versions will include only the body text and graphics.

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