New and Improved Energy Production and Used Technologies - Distributed Energy Resources


Overview Continued

Cooling Heating & Power for Buildings

The CHP for Buildings

CHP for Buildings Initiative

CHP for Buildings Initiative

CHP for Buildings Program Technologies

CHP for Buildings
Implementation Timetable

CHP for Buildings
Cooling Heating & Power

BCHP Device Comparison
Where are we?

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Reciprocating Engines Advantages & Disadvantages

Reciprocating Engines

Combustion Turbines
Advantages & Disadvantages

Engines versus Turbines

Combustion Turbines


Advantages & Disadvantages

Microturbines Examples

Capstone MicroTurbine™ Performance

Microturbine Example
Elliott Energy Systems TA 45

Fuel Cell System Advantages

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Fuel Cell System Examples

Technology Comparison


Chiller Types

Heat Activated Chiller Types

Heat Activated Chillers


Desiccant Systems

Solid Desiccant Systems

Liquid Desiccant System

Thermal Energy Storage
(TES) System Types

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TES Technologies

TES Technologies (continued)

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University of Illinois East Campus Cooling, Heating, and Power Facility

East Campus Facility

Financial Statistics


UIC CHP Regional Application Center

Midwest Regional Application Center

CHP Market Drivers

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