The Link Between Energy and the Illinois Environment
Part 1: A Primer on Illinois Energy

Presentation Outline: Background for the Conference

Illinois Among the States

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Illinois Energy Overview

Fossil Fuels: Petroleum

Fossil Fuels: Petroleum Trends

Fossil Fuels: Natural Gas

Fossil Fuels: Natural Gas Trends

Coalbed Methane Resource Evaluation
Now Underway Supported by

Fossil Fuels: Coal

Fossil Fuels:  Coal Trends

Electricity Background

Through Use of Nuclear Power, Illinois
CO2 Emissions Second Lowest and
Lowest per Capita, Among Five States

Electricity:  Peaker Plants and
Natural Gas

Electricity: Supply Issues and

U.S. Energy Consumption
History and Outlook

Renewables: Usage

Renewables and Efficiency: Possibilities

Energy Supply
Issues for the Future

Energy Supply
Issues for the Future