Spire Corporation - Spire Solar Chicago - Results of a Partnership between Corporate, Private and Government Bodies - Spire Solar Chicago
(Kent Whitfield, Jodi Sutherland, Mark Burger)

The Genesis

PV in the Windy City and Illinois?

Chicago Load Matching

Spire Solar Chicago
“Local Manufacturing for Local Market”

Chicago School Partnership

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Corporate and Residential Projects

Spire Solar Chicago Progress (10/31/01)

Future Home of Spire Solar Chicago
Midwest Center for Green Technology

Midwest Center for Green Technology

Brownfield Redevelopment

Calumet Reclaimed Industrial Dumping Ground
(3,000 Acres)

Brownfield to Brightfield Strategy

Brightfield Financial Model

Green Tag Added Benefits

Spire Solar Breeder®

Spire Solar’s Strategy
Local Production for Local Markets