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Download PRO-GRADE

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PRO-GRADE is a Geographic Information System (GIS) plug-in tool package for recognizing patterns from raster data, such as groundwater recharge and discharge patterns, in ArcGIS 9.2-SP2 or 9.3X. The package consists of two separate programs: (1) the Pattern Recognition Organizer for GIS (PRO-GIS), and (2) the Groundwater Recharge and Discharge Estimator for GIS (GRADE-GIS). PRO-GIS is a general utility that organizes several image processing algorithms into one user interface to offer the flexibility to extract spatial patterns according to the userÂ’'s needs. It provides generic pattern recognition functions that support virtually any Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) used to assist in management applications such as water resources, land use and agricultural development. GRADE-GIS is a groundwater recharge and discharge estimation interface that requires only hydraulic conductivity, water table and bedrock elevation data for two-dimensional steady state aquifers based on mass balance approaches (Stoertz and Bradbury,1989; Lin and Anderson, 2003).

PRO-GRADE adheres to the default raster file developed by the Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) as the standard for storing spatial information. Several ArcObjects developed by ESRI were also utilized for spatial data access and mapping. The package was coded using Microsoft Visual Basic in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Also see the ArcUser Online article: Making Groundwater Recharge and Discharge Estimate Maps in One Day - An ArcGIS 9.2 application for water resources research By Yu-Feng Lin, Jihua Wang, and Albert J. Valocchi.

PRO-GRADE requires the following preinstalled software:

  • Operating System: Windows XP - SP2 or Windows Vista
  • ArcGIS Release: 9.2-SP2 or 9.3X
  • ArcMap Spatial Analyst Extension
  • ArcGIS.NET support
  • Minimum .NET Release: .NET Framework 2.0

(To view the software license agreement, click "Download PRO-GRADE" above.)

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