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7-Day 10-Year Low Flow Maps

Map 9. Little Wabash Region

The low flow estimates presented here for the Little Wabash region represent a March 2002 update of previous published versions (Singh, 1973; Singh et al., 1988b). These new low flow values were estimated from the Illinois Streamflow Assessment Model for the Little Wabash River region, the preparation and analysis of which is documented in Knapp and Myers (2001). The estimates produced by this model are based on hydrologic data collected up through 1999, which include USGS streamgage records, water-use records collected by the Illinois State Water Survey, and discharge data from wastewater treatment facilities and industries as reported to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. These data were analyzed and processed to represent the current (1999) hydrologic conditions in the region.

Knapp, H.V. and M.W. Myers. 2001. Streamflow Assessment Model for the Little Wabash River Watershed: Hydrologic Analysis. Illinois State Water Survey Contract Report 2001-14.

Map Updated 3/20/2002

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