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Nani Bhowmik
Planning Committee Member, Lt. Governor's
Conference on Urban Rivers

William C. Bogner
Interim Member, Illinois Lake Management
Association Board of Directors

Stanley Changnon
Member, Committee on Costs of Natural
Hazards, National Research Council of the
National Academy of Sciences

Karen Harlin
Member, Laboratory Proficiency Testing
Program Advisory Committee, Environmental
Advisory Task Force for the Association of
Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC); and
Secretary, Environmental Quality Methods
Committee of AOAC International

Laura Keefer
Program Chair, 13th Annual Illinois Lake
Management Association Conference

David A.R. Kristovich
Head, Scientific Steering Committee for the
Lake-Induced Convection Experiment (Lake-ICE)    
and lead PI for proposal to the National
Science Foundation and the National Center for
Atmospheric Research

Randy Locke
Webmaster, Illinois Groundwater Association
Web site

Harry T. Ochs
Session Chairman, 1997 Annual Meeting,
Midwest Cloud and Aerosol Physics

Mark E. Peden
Recipient, Illinois State Geological Survey
Chief's Office special award "for exemplary ser-vice
on the joint Geological Survey and Water
Survey project to provide statewide screening
for safe disposal of low-level radioactive waste"

Gary R. Peyton
Recipient, Patent Number 5,762,808 for
"Improved Destruction of Electron-Affinic
Contaminants during Water Treatment Using
Free-Radical Processes," June 1998

Raman K. Raman
Recipient, Lake Guardian Award, Illinois
Lake Management Association 13th Annual

David Soong
Participant, Third Symposium for Science and
Technology Exchange on Water Resources
across Taiwan Strait, Beijing, China, July 1997,
and conducted scholarly exchange visit in three
China Provinces in 1997 with partial funding
from the United Nations

Clyde W. Sweet
Chair, Atmospheric Deposition Technical
Coordinating Committee, Air and Waste
Management Association

Allen Wehrmann
Member, Illinois Environmental Protection
Agency, Source Water Protection Technical and
Citizens Advisory Committee

Derek Winstanley
Governor Edgar appointee, Science Working
Group of the National Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia

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