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Illinois State Water Survey
2204 Griffith Drive
Champaign, IL 61820-7495
Phone: (217) 333-2210
FAX: (217) 333-6540
URL: http://www.sws.uiuc.edu/

Office of the Chief
Chief: Derek Winstanley, 244-5459

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief: Debbie Mitchell, 244-5459
Assistant to the Chief for Planning & Operations: Ron Karr, 333-8885
Assistant to the Chief for Financial & Human Resources: Joyce Changnon, 333-0448
Computer Services Coordinator: Doug Ward, 333-8887
Director for External Relations & QA/QC: Mary LeFaivre, 333-5902
Editor: Eva Kingston, 244-7270
Fiscal Records, Grants/Contracts: Betty Strom, 244-4521
Fiscal Records, State: Janice Smith, 333-4978
Grants/Contract Coordinator: Jason Butler, 244-3533
Graphic Artist: Linda Hascall, 333-8814
Library: Patricia Wasson, 333-4956
Procurement/Vouchering, University: Cyndee Riggin, 333-8886
Publication Distribution/Shipping Receiving: Gloria Marsh, 333-8888
Water & Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program: Bob Scott, 333-4966

Analytical Chemistry & Technology Unit
Head: Kent Smothers, 333-6167
Internal Analytical Services/Public Service Laboratory: Loretta Skowron, 333-4977
Midwest Technology Assistance Center: Kent Smothers, 333-6167
Water Analyses: Brian Kaiser, 333-9234
Water Treatment Services: Mark Brooks, 333-7313

Atmospheric Environment Section
Head: Kenneth Kunkel, 244-1488
Aerosol Chemistry: Donald Gatz, 333-2512
Agricultural Meteorology: Steven Hollinger, 244-2939
Air Quality: Donald Gatz, 333-2512
Atmospheric Chemistry: Gary Stensland, 244-2522; Michael Caughey, 333-1611
Boundary Layer Meteorology/Precipitation Physics: David Kristovich, 333-7399
Climate Variation & Change/Climate Impacts: Stanley Changnon, 244-0494
Cloud Chemistry: Allen Williams, 244-0373
Global Climate Change, Interim Director: Kenneth Kunkel, 244-1488
Midwestern Climate Center: Kenneth Kunkel, 244-1488
Precipitation Physics: Kenneth Beard, 244-0496/333-1676; Harry Ochs, 333-4964
State Climatologist: James Angel, 333-0729
Toxic Pollutants: Clyde Sweet, 333-7191

Ground-Water Section
Acting Section Head: Derek Winstanley, 244-5459
Assistant to the Acting Head: Ron Karr, 333-8885
Assistant to the Acting Head for Scientific Issues: Nani Bhowmik, 333-6775
Assessment & Evaluation: Steve Burch, 333-5388
Modeling: Walt Kelly, 333-3729
Outreach, Service, and Education: Ken Hlinka, 333-8431

National Atmospheric Deposition Program
Head and NAPD Coordinator: Van Bowersox, 333-7873
Associate Coordinator for Toxics and Mercury Deposition Network: Clyde Sweet, 333-7191
Assistant Coordinator and Central Analytical Laboratory Manager: Karen Harlin, 244-6413
Database and Web Information: Bob Larson, 333-9008

Watershed Science Section
Section Head: Nani Bhowmik, 333-6775
Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator: Mike Demissie, 333-4753
Erosion and Sedimentation: Mike Demissie, 333-4753
Lake Sedimentation Surveys: Bill Bogner, 333-9546
Lakes: Shundar Lin, Peoria (309) 671-3196
Modeling: Younes Alila, 333-6775
Monitoring and Data Collection Coordinator: Laura Keefer, 333-3468
Outreach, Service, and Education Coordinator: Sally McConkey, 333-5482
Rehabilitation and Restoration Coordinator: Don Roseboom, Peoria (309) 671-3196
River Hydraulics: David Soong, 333-1495
River Mechanics: Nani Bhowmik, 333-6775
Sediment Monitoring: Rich Allgire, Southern Illinois Office, Southern Illinois University,
Carbondale, (618) 453-8890
Streamflows: Vern Knapp, 333-1495/333-4423
Water Quality: David Soong, 333-1495
Water Quality Evaluation: Thomas Holm, 333-2604; Gary Peyton, 333-5905
Water Quality Monitoring: Dana Shackleford, Peoria (309) 671-3196
Watershed Modeling: Deva Borah, 244-8856
Wetlands: Mike Demissie, 333-4753

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