93 Flood Data: Imperial Valley Raingage Network, Illinois State Water Survey

1993 Mississippi River Flood Data: Precipitation Data

Imperial Valley Raingage Network

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Description: The Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS), under contract to the Imperial Valley Water Authority (IVWA), has operated a dense network of 25 weighing-bucket rain gauges in Mason and Tazewell Counties year-round since August 1992. The network is located in the most heavily irrigated region of the state. The region's major source of water for irrigation, municipal, and domestic water supplies is groundwater pumped from thick sand-and-gravel deposits associated with the confluence of two major ancient river valleys, the Mississippi and the Mahomet-Teays.

Also See: Installation and Operation of a Raingage Network for the Imperial Valley Water Authority, Year One: September 1992-August 1993
Operation of Rain Gauge and Groundwater Monitoring Networks for the Imperial Valley Water Authority. Year Nine : September 2000 - August 2001
Imperial Valley Water Authority web site

93 Mississippi River Flood Data

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