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This page is no longer being updated, and is being provided for reference only for a limited time.

Ullah, S.M. Rahmat, Allen Williams, Purnendu K. Dasgupta.  2005. "Automated low‑pressure carbonate eluent ion chromatography system with postsuppressor carbon dioxide removal for the analysis of atmospheric gases and particles."  Aerosol Science and Technology, vol. 39,
no.11, pp. 1072‑1084.

Van Blaricum, Vicki L., Vincent F. Hock, Dan Ursino, Mark D. Brooks, and Kent W. Smothers. 2003. "Utility system modeling and simulation tools." Corrosion 2003: NACE 55th annual conference, San Diego, CA. NACE International, Paper 03272, 12 p.

Vlcek, Lukas, Zhan Zhang, Mike L. Machesky, Paul Fenter, Jorgen Rosenquist, David J. Weslowski, Larry M Anovitz, Milan Predota, Peter J. Cummings. 2007. “Electric double layer at metal oxide srfaces: Static properties of the cassiterite-water interface.” Langmuir, vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 4925-4937.

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