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Institutional Water Treatment Program

More Participating Facilities


Chicago – Circle Campus

Chicago – Chicago Medical Center Complex

Chicago – Chicago U of I Medical Center Campus

Chicago – Chicago State University

Chicago – James R. Thompson Center

Chicago – Lawndale Day Care Center

Chicago (Hines) – Madden Mental Health Center

Chicago – Northeastern Illinois University

Chicago – Read Mental Health Center

Chicago – State of Illinois Building

Chicago – State Motor Vehicle Facility


Springfield – University of Illinois

Springfield – SIU School of Medicine

Springfield – State Museum Research & Collection Center

Springfield – State Computer Facility

Springfield – State Regional Office Building

Springfield – Andrew McFarland Mental Health Center

Springfield – Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

Springfield – State Motor Vehicle Facility

Springfield – Division of State Police

Springfield – Dept. of Trans. Bureau of Mat. & Phy. Res.

Springfield – Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois State Water Survey

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