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Institutional Water Treatment Program

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Copper pipe is susceptible to erosion. (metal loss due to excess velocity).

The Institutional Water Treatment Program (IWTP) provides unbiased, professional water treatment advice at more than 100 state facilities throughout Illinois.  The program results in substantial annual savings in costs of chemicals, fuel, water, and maintenance in industrial and potable water systems for the participating facilities and the State of Illinois.

Since 1949, IWTP services have ranged from presenting on-site training and seminars to providing chemical specifications and making recommendations concerning a comprehensive water treatment program for control of corrosion, mineral scale formation, and biological growths.

Facilities receive detailed written recommendations and specifications for recommended treatment equipment, chemicals, and corrosion-resistant materials for use in construction.

Program staff are also actively involved in an annual workshop for Illinois Institutional Chief Engineers cosponsored by the Department of Natural Resources, the University of Illinois, and other state agencies.  The workshop, now in its 62nd year, also provides information on pending regulations and water treatment developments of relevance for supervisory and administrative staff at individual institutions.  State facilities pay a fee to recover some of the IWTP costs associated with routine visits (3-6 per year, depending on the size and complexity of the facility), recommendations, consultations, and sample analyses to help them comply with state and federal guidelines for water quality of drinking water and wastewater discharge.

During FY09, IWTP staff responded to more than 1,000 phone requests and provided more than 1,000 written copies of detailed laboratory water analyses, recommendations for action based on analytical results, and other materials. Each year program staff also make approximately 440 site visits to state facilities to evaluate the chemical treatment program, answer questions, solve emerging problems, and analyze samples. Last year, approximately 2,600 water samples were analyzed in the field, and an additional 800 samples received a complete analysis in the laboratory.

Typical inquiries from state facilities about treatment concern their steam, heating, cooling, and drinking water systems while public utilities or the general public generally have questions about scale or corrosion problems in wells and other potable water systems. Among the state facilities participating in the IWTP are the Department of Corrections, Human Services, Secretary of State, Central Management Services, Department of Transportation, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Natural Resources State Lodges, and several of the state universities.

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