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Three new weather impact articles by Stan Changnon

Three manuscripts by Stan Changnon have recently been accepted for publication in scientific journals. (contact

  • "Characteristics of severe Atlantic Hurricanes in the U.S.: 1949-2006." (Natural Hazards). Hurricane losses are highest in the southeast and south areas of U.S. There were 79 hurricane catastrophes averaging losses of $127 million each. Storm losses have grown since 1990 reflecting effects of a changing climate and increased societal vulnerability in storm regions.
  • "Assessment of Flood Losses in the U.S." (Journal of Contemporary Water Resources and Education).  Floods causing >$1 million in damages were due to four conditions: widespread heavy rains, snow-melts, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.  There were 531 costly floods during 1972-2006 with an average loss of $52 million per flood event. The incidence of floods due to convective storms shows an uptrend over the past 30 years.
  • "Temporal and Spatial Distributions of Wind Storms in the U.S."  (Climatic Change) The U.S. experiences 3 to 4 major windstorms each year, and each storm produces losses averaging $90 million.  These windstorms cause 21 percent of all storm losses in the nation. Windstorms are most frequent on the West Coast and in the Midwest.

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