Climate, Air Quality and Impact Modeling System (CAQIMS), Illinois State Water Survey

Climate and Atmospheric Science

Climate, Air Quality and Impact Modeling System (CAQIMS)

A Basis for Achieving Economic, Societal and Environmental Goals in Illinois

Xin-Zhong Liang
Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Illinois State Water Survey, Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability, University of Illinois

The Climate, Air Quality and Impact Modeling System (CAQIMS) has been used for the EPA STAR Project entitled “Impacts of Global Climate and Emission Changes on USA Air Quality (Ozone, Particulate Matter, Mercury) and Projection Uncertainty”. The objective of this study is to quantify and understand the impacts and uncertainties of global climate and emission changes, from the present to 2050 and 2100, on USA air quality, focusing on ozone, particulate matter and mercury. The contribution of this research derives from the application of this unique, state-of-the-art, well-established ensemble modeling system that couples a global climate-chemical transport component with a mesoscale regional climate-air quality component over North America. Both components incorporate multiple alternative models representing the likely range of climate sensitivity and chemistry response under the conceivable emissions scenarios to rigorously assess the result uncertainty. Each contains a fully coupled model to study climate-aerosol interactions, focusing on how they affect USA air quality at the present and in the future. Resolution is further refined in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, California and Texas, where high probabilities of air quality violations and large sensitivities to climate changes are anticipated.

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